Raising Outdoors I

Back in May as the mesh net containers with caterpillars were taking over my built-in bookshelf, to make space, I wanted to know if I can raise the caterpillars just as well in my outdoor backyard. I left two net containers on my old teak table underneath a shady trellis. Out of the 3 caterpillars, only 2 of them made it to chrysalis. One of them just turned black and melted! I thought it was NPV, perhaps from the soil on the milkweed or OE. Perhaps my teak table had NPV with no full sun exposure. After the first one perished, I was skeptical about the other 2 making it to the end. I thought about several times about putting them to sleep in the freezer (most humane way) just in case. They in general were lethargic and not eating as fast as the indoor ones. Despite those symptoms, one of our family member insisted on seeing how they turned out. One of them turned into chrysalis after growing only to 3 instar size (they should make it to 5). To our surprise, both of them turned out okay and turned into monarch butterflies. Looking back, it was much colder in the mornings and evenings in May…

An outdoor raised Monarch butterfly emerge despite cold weather in the nights
A healthy outdoor raised Monarch butterfly in a colder night weather